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Canapés to Order

Planning a party?

Take the stress and hassle out of giving a party by ordering from our tried and tested collection of delicious homemade party bites that are sure to impress your guests. Pick and choose a mix that you like and let us prepare these delicious Canapés for you. As a guide we suggest at least 6 or more bites per person. They will arrive ready to serve (you may like to transfer them to your own party platter) and some may be quickly heated through if you wish, in which case they will come with instructions.

(We can help with serving platters, for a small deposit, so there is no need for you to buy unnecessary extras! We can deliver to your door within a 5 mile radius for a small fee. We usually just bring your food ready for you to cook, reheat and serve with our instructions; but for an additional hourly rate we can prep and serve up in your kitchen leaving you nothing to do but sit  back and enjoy just as though you had done it all yourself!)
Email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Minimum Order 10 of any choice (including platters)
Minimum Order £35.00
Please order a minimum 5 days in advance
Health Key

V=Vegetarian      G=Gluten Free     N=Nuts Definitely              

Canapés Menu 2018

HOT: (heating instructions will be enclosed)                                                       Price per 10
Roasted peppers, basil & mozzarella bruschetta V                                             £5.00
Sausage roll variations - haggis, black pudding or chorizo                                  7.00
Prawn & Black Olive Crostini                                                                                6.50
Chicken Satay & peanut dip   N                                                                           7.00
Caramelised onions & goats cheese tartlets with balsamic V                              7.00
Smoked Haddock Welsh Rarebit (tartlets)                                                           7.00
Smokey Bacon & brie tartlets                                                                               7.00
Prawn ginger & shredded vegetable samosas                                                     7.00
Spicy lamb or chicken samosas                                                                           7.50
Mini Crab cakes with Thai sauce                                                                          7.50
Filo tarts with crab or cheesy bacon filling                                                            7.50
Sweet & spicy Middle Eastern sausagemeat Balls                                                6.50
Savoury Flaky Pinwheels                                                                                      5.00
Pizettes – blinis topped with roasted tomatoes & mozzarella & basil                      5.00

Quails eggs with celery salt & Aioli (garlic mayo) G                                               4.50
Blinis with soured cream & smoked salmon                                                           7.00
Chicory served with minted pea or beetroot Humous V G                                     5.00
Italian Sticks - cheese wrapped in Bresaola with dressed rocket                           5.50
Sweet Pepper & Potato Tortilla Squares G                                                            5.00
Cucumber cups with piquant prawn cocktail G                                                      5.00
Griddled Asparagus wrapped in Pancetta                                                             7.00
Smoked Salmon and wholemeal rolled sandwich bites with saffron mayo              7.00
Smoked Trout pate on rye bread squares                                                             6.00
Pear, blue cheese & Parma ham on sticks                                                             7.00
Rare roast beef croutes with rocket salad & mustard mayo                                    8.00
Quails egg scotch eggs – with meat or fish crust                                                   8.00
Mini tartlets with half quails egg, mayonnaise & mock caviar                                 7.00
Beetroot Gravadlax (cured Salmon) on rye with horseradish cream                      8.50
Spinach roulades with Humous & sweet pepper filling V                                        6.00
Cheese Sable (very crumbly biscuits) with roasted tomato topping V                    5.00
Mega Cheese Straws -with grainy mustard    `                                                      4.00
                                     - or Parma ham                                                                4.50


Chocolate Truffles                                                                                                 6.00
Mini mince pies with orange Chantilly cream                                                         5.00
Chocolate brownie Bites with raspberries                                                              5.00
Mini meringues with chocolate or raspberry dip                                                     5.00
Brandy Snap cones with raspberries and cream                                                    5.00
Raspberry and Lime Cheese cake squares                                                           5.00

PLATTER COMBO'S: (Minimum order of 10 platters)
VEGETARIAN                                                                                                        4.00
Roasted peppers, basil & mozzarella bruschetta       
Caramelised onions & goat’s cheese tartlets drizzled with balsamic
Mini tartlets with half quails egg, mayonnaise & herbs     
Chicory served with minted pea Humous, or beetroot dip   
Sweet Pepper & Potato Tortilla Squares G     
ORIENTAL                                                                                                          5.00
Chicken Satay & peanut dip
Prawn ginger & shredded vegetable samosas
Mini Crab cakes with Thai sauce
Bean and wasabi crush on cucumber
Hot 'n Spicy Pork wonton cups   
MEDITERRANEAN                                                                                              4.00
Roasted mushrooms with sundried tomatoes & gorgonzola
Roasted peppers, basil and mozzarella bruschetta
Parma Ham with melon   
Chorizo spiced potatoes
Meatballs in chilli sauce