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*  Basic Chalet Catering & Duke of Edinbugh Award Courses
 Groups of 4-6

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 Students Leaving Home

A self-catering course before going to UNISausage beans 4609100

DATES : July 31st  Aug 28th
(16 years upwards) Includes lunch, hands-on cooking and recipes
to take away. Dates in the holiday times can be arranged to suit you).

Students will have a crash course in self-sufficiency! We will cover a selection of dishes
that should feed them for 5-6 days on a student budget, as well as talk about shopping,
the nutritional content of what they are eating and the advantages of batch cooking.

We will prepare dishes such as Bacon and lentil soup, Minestrone, Pot Roast Chicken, Left-over's Risotto, Bruschetta, Sausage and Bean Pot Supper, Potato and Cheese Frittata, Green Vegetable Stir-fry, ways with baked potatoes and mash, Lazy Fruit Pie, Lemon Sultana Drizzle cake. We break for lunch to test out their culinary delights so far and at the end of the day students will take home samples of their cooking, along with their recipes and notes.

Healthy cooking and eating is vital for all ages and especially for the young. Feed the brain! Learn to love cooking at an early age. Become excited by blending flavours. Have fun with new tastes. Keep your food fresh and simple. Buy locally produced food. Choose the best quality you can afford.