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Waste Less Save More - how to save your pounds and eat better too.Stock 11676200
There is a tasty and a serious side to this Blog - Good Food and less
Food Waste!

I have spent forty years in the food business, mainly as a magazine food editor, writer and
stylist of my own created dishes, traveled far and wide and met many a wonderful cook
and chef, so I have cooked with and tasted most foods in my life. None of which deserves
to be wasted.........!

In my household I think we have almost no waste – thanks largely to greedy black
Labradors, village pigs and chickens and our own compost bins (to say nothing
of our own appetites). I even hate throwing out well used carcasses – so they go
into stock or down the commercial waste disposal we have at home.Full plate 12170103

There are many ways to end up wasting food – most are perfectly excusable but still
not forgivable. We have, and buy, far too much food in the Western world – evidence
our growing wastelines! I think we also have far too much choice (but best leave
that for another year or blog!) If we are wasting food then obviously we don’t need
it so why are we throwing it away along with good money - our own money?