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A very refreshing addition to any collection of puddings and great as a balance to a rich pudding, on Christmas day for instance!

Serves: 6


110g/4oz granulated sugar

1 large thick skinned orange

6 easy peel satsumas

whipped cream or  creme fraiche to serve


1 Place the sugar in a heavy based or non-stick pan with 2-3tbsp water. Allow to dissolve over a slow heat until clear and then boil gently until beginning to turn golden. Don’t stir once it starts boiling. Have ready a sink of really cold water.

2 Remove thin strands of orange peel from one orange and place in a very small pan and then squeeze in 2tbsp of juice. Bring slowly to the boil and cook gently for a minute or two.This can be done in the microwave if you refer.

3 Peel the satsumas removing as much white pith as possible but keep them whole and place in a suitable serving or storage dish.

4 Once the syrup has turned a light golden colour plunge the pan into a sink of cold water to prevent any further colouring and burning. Quickly add the rind and water to the syrup which will bubble furiously. Stir gently until blended and then pour evenly over the satsumas. Baste frequently whilst cooling. Then chill until ready to serve.


*For longer keeping store in a large kilner jar in a cool dark place for up to 3 months.

* If you are preparing these in advance for Xmas you might want to do double quanitities, or more. You could add a few tbsps brandy when you add the rind BUT drain the rind or you will be adding too much extra liquid.

*You could also add some whole spices to the jar – e.g small piece of cinnamon stick, few whole cardamom pods, small piece star anise; a couple of whole cloves. These will add a little spice by the time come round to eating them.

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