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Writing and talking about good food, creating and photographing delicious recipes, has been a major part of my life. I was Cookery Editor of Woman’s Own Magazine and then Prima  for nearly twenty years and also had a spell at editing my own magazine – Let’s Cook.

After that I set up Food Features Photographic Library and continued creating and  testing recipes for clients as well as helping those dishes smile for the camera! I am a long standing member of the Guild of Food Writers.

I have been lucky enough to travel widely during those years and met some amazing chefs and cooks. The first Cookery book I owned was by Marguerite Patten, very well thumbed by now, and who I have had the honour of working with frequently. I have also written several books on: Low Calorie Cooking; Soups; Rice; Dried Fruits; Italian, Irish and American Cooking; Potatoes; Eggs; Cocktails; Cake Decorating; and Ice Creams.

I love all areas of food – good food – good British food and more especially local and home grown food. Having our own chickens, occasional community pigs, a large vegetable patch and numerous fruit trees does help! If I had to choose my favourite foods I think I would say fish, Italian, French, baking, and I am a fool for ice creams! I love making ice creams for the family, at a moments notice, with whatever fruit or produce there is a glut of.

However I have two REAL food concerns – one being that youngsters today are going off to University not fully prepared to cater for themselves and therefore will find it difficult to eat well on their budgets. That’s the reason why I started cookery classes at home – – courses for all ages and needs.

Secondly, the even more important issue is – WASTE! The amount of food we waste is awful – we could all live on our weekly budgets much better if we took the time to plan menus, cook our own foods and use up the left over’s!

For that reason I am starting a Blog – WASTE LESS SAVE MORE – to look at all the ways of using up excess food, from the smallest amount of mashed potato to the softening apples in your fruit bowl, and encourage you to look again at what is idling in your fridge and freezer! Just think about it … if you have food going to waste you must have bought or cooked too much …. something YOU can change!

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