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Author: Rob

Bubble & Squeak

You really do need left-over’s for this dish – namely potatoes and cooked cabbage or greens. You can make it as chunky or smart as you wish – I have seen it served straight from the frying pan and I have seen it turned into elegant potato cakes or triangles! You can go to town on adding your own flavour specials like bacon, cooked cold meats, chutney and so much more to turn it into a fabulous mid-week supper.

To Serve 3-4 People:
Fry one large chopped onion in a good size skillet or large frying pan (no lid necessary) with 2tbsp vegetable or other light oil and a good knob of butter. Add chopped bacon and garlic if you wish and cook, stirring well, until the onion is just turning golden (and the bacon beginning to crisp up). Don’t let the garlic burn.
Now add about 300gs (10-12 oz) potato – this can either be mashed, or chopped up quite small – they could even have their skins on or have been roasted – and about 3 handfuls of shredded cooked greens. Mix and stir in well with two forks or wooden spoons over a gentle heat.
To moisten add any gravy you have left over, or stock (chicken or meat but not fish), or milk, adding in a little chutney if you wish or mustard, Worcestershire sauce or brown sauce – even onion sauce – according to taste. Now cook gently, turning frequently, until it is well mixed, then leave it to get really hot and golden underneath (but watch it does not burn). You could sprinkle with cheese too if you wish and leave to melt, before serving or transferring it to a large board. Serve with chutney, relishes and pickles, cold meat, bowl of whipped seasoned crème fraîche if that needs using up, crisp tomato salad, anything else you can lay your hands on.

Bread & Butter Pudding

If you are an Easter Hot Cross Bun fan then here is a great way to use up some left over, or going a bit stale! Other similar buns can used instead and all sorts of other fruits breads and even brioche or Panettone are delicious as well.

Three buns should be sufficient for 4 servings. Cut horizontally into two or three layers if very deep, then cut across into half. Spread with a little softened butter or marmalade, or your favourite preserve and layer into an ovenproof dish.

* Beat together two medium eggs with 300ml milk and possibly a drop of vanilla or almond essence. Pour this over the bread so it is completely covered, and leave until the milk is all soaked up. Sprinkle in dried fruits too for a richer pud – or chopped dates, apricots or prunes.
* Heat the oven 180C/350F/gas mark 4 and cook for about 40 minutes or until the top layer is turning golden. Sprinkle with a little Demerara sugar just before the end.
* For a really rich and delicious result use up some left over cream with the milk!

Cooked By Alex

A recent addition to the business is a small catering side (I just love cooking!!) so
have a look at our
Canapes to Order   (ready for all year round entertaining) and
Dishes to Order (for all occasions and even to fill your freezer)

Waste Less Save More

How to save your pounds and eat better too.
There is a tasty and a serious side to this Blog – Good Food and less
Food Waste!

I have spent forty years in the food business, mainly as a magazine food editor, writer and
stylist of my own created dishes, traveled far and wide and met many a wonderful cook
and chef, so I have cooked with and tasted most foods in my life. None of which deserves
to be wasted………!

In my household I think we have almost no waste – thanks largely to greedy black
Labradors, village pigs and chickens and our own compost bins (to say nothing
of our own appetites). I even hate throwing out well used carcasses – so they go
into stock or down the commercial waste disposal we have at home.

There are many ways to end up wasting food – most are perfectly excusable but still not forgivable. We have, and buy, far too much food in the Western world – evidence our growing wastelines! I think we also have far too much choice (but best leave that for another year or blog!) If we are wasting food then obviously we don’t need it so why are we throwing it away along with good money – our own money?

Mostly Veg or Vegan

A New Way to look at Your Diet!



Ever thought you might become vegetarian or vegan; have a young family member
who is and you are trying to plan meals for all; or simply wanting to cut down
on eating meat and dairy? It can be difficult to start but there are so many recipes
that can fill the bill or be made with and without meat. It’s time to look again
at some easy and flexible recipes!

How about Spinach or Roast vegetable Lasagne; Mushroom Blue cheese Gratin; Char-gilled Polenta; Courgette, Bean and Fetta Salad; Red Pepper and Courgette Mousse; Various Risottos; ways with Stir Fry’s; Vegetable Tarts and Pastries – and so many more.

Mediterranean Light Bites

Favourite light dishes with holiday memories

(10 am – 4.00pm)

Tapas, Antipasti, Mezzes, Hors d’oeuvres – whatever you call them –
these light and wonderfully tasty dishes are so often top of our
starter list. They are all ideal for light lunches, al fresco eating,
sometimes even a picnic or a party!

You can choose from a long list of my favourites – for instance Stuffed squid, Prawns in filo, Garlic baked or griddled prawns, Mussels in Harissa sauce, Breadcrumb topped mussels, Baked aubergine slices with lime & honey glaze, Ceviche (Mexican – cured fish so raw but cure cooked), Cheese/risotto rice balls – Arancini, Chicken satay with authentic peanut sauce, Thai crab cakes with fish dipping sauce, Potatas Bravas – in chilli & chorizo mayo. Or add your own favourites too!

Why not treat a couple of friends to a fun day out and then take your party home after?

Xmas Gifts & Treats

Giving from your Own Hands is so Special

COURSE LENGTH: HALF DAY (10am – 1.30pm)

A busy half day of sticky sweetness!!  But we will end with
a light lunch and you will go home with lots of goodies and the recipes as well.

There are many luscious sweet festive treats we can make easily at home and give, or enjoy over the holiday. Things like e) Rich Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Gingers & Orange Dippers: Mincemeat; Toffee & Fudge; Cookies & Tree Hangers: Chocolate Bark: Cinder Toffee…..

Planning Ahead for Christmas

The Classics as well as new ideas

COURSE PRICE : £130.00

This will be a busy day, not all cooking but plenty of chatting and
ideas, a working/tasting lunch and many recipes to go home with!

We will look at THE cake – the variety you like and ways to decorate, and of course a rich and delicious Christmas pudding! We will do some planning ahead for your main day menu, what you can cook now and put in the freezer and any shortcuts you can make for an easy day!

Mince pies for instance; rich beef casserole; pork & cranberry terrine; party crab cakes; salmon filo pie; alternative puddings and so much more! Or just plan new ideas for you for a change!5

What’s in My Cupboard


This is a personal, Intensive one to one session – to sort out your food storage! Do you know what you have in the freezer or that tall cupboard? Or how old it is!? Or maybe even how to cook it?

We will look at the ideal foods for you to keep in your cupboard/fridge/freezer for you and your family to enjoy; discuss ideas to “throw together” a last minute supper for surprise guests or extras. And almost more importantly how not to waste food, how to store or freeze foods properly in order to keep it at its best and how to use up left-overs.

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