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Bubble & Squeak

You really do need left-over’s for this dish – namely potatoes and cooked cabbage or greens. You can make it as chunky or smart as you wish – I have seen it served straight from the frying pan and I have seen it turned into elegant potato cakes or triangles! You can go to town on adding your own flavour specials like bacon, cooked cold meats, chutney and so much more to turn it into a fabulous mid-week supper.

To Serve 3-4 People:
Fry one large chopped onion in a good size skillet or large frying pan (no lid necessary) with 2tbsp vegetable or other light oil and a good knob of butter. Add chopped bacon and garlic if you wish and cook, stirring well, until the onion is just turning golden (and the bacon beginning to crisp up). Don’t let the garlic burn.
Now add about 300gs (10-12 oz) potato – this can either be mashed, or chopped up quite small – they could even have their skins on or have been roasted – and about 3 handfuls of shredded cooked greens. Mix and stir in well with two forks or wooden spoons over a gentle heat.
To moisten add any gravy you have left over, or stock (chicken or meat but not fish), or milk, adding in a little chutney if you wish or mustard, Worcestershire sauce or brown sauce – even onion sauce – according to taste. Now cook gently, turning frequently, until it is well mixed, then leave it to get really hot and golden underneath (but watch it does not burn). You could sprinkle with cheese too if you wish and leave to melt, before serving or transferring it to a large board. Serve with chutney, relishes and pickles, cold meat, bowl of whipped seasoned crème fraîche if that needs using up, crisp tomato salad, anything else you can lay your hands on.

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