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Cheese & Nut Pesto

This is a very flexible pesto mix – great to use over pasta, left over boiled potatoes or boiled eggs, in wraps with left of cold meat and some shredded salad.

Blend together about 100g soft- ish cheese (e.g. goat’s cheese, St Paulin, Port Salut, Boursin, Dolcelatte or other very soft blue cheese); a handful of flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped; a handful of basil, roughly chopped; 2 cloves garlic, crushed; about 100g toasted nuts, 4tbsp or more olive oil and seasoning taste. Add more oil to give the texture you prefer and lemon juice if you like a little sharpness. Chill until ready to serve. Heat only very gently or just allow to warm over the pasta or potatoes or serve at room temperature.

Add chopped or broken up nuts to crumble toppings whilst blending, or into your Muesli mix; make up a batch of flapjacks with nuts and dried fruits; sprinkle on top of a cake or bread before baking; blend until fine and use to coat chicken fillets, potato or fish cakes; throw whole nuts into salads or curries at the last minute.

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